Rowland Premix

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Traditional Lime Render Mix

Our traditional lime render mix is the perfect product when originality and conservation is your main criteria.

Used in the restoration and conservation of Lime render.

Application of Rowland’s Traditional Lime Render is a two-part process with a base coat filler followed by a top-coat to finish. Both simply need the application of the right quantity of water to achieve the consistency required.

Rowland’s Traditional Lime Render is easy to work, forming an extremely effective bond with the original substrate to produce a repair that blends both visually and structurally. This is especially important in conservation work.

Cement render would be invasive on the fabric and to the aesthetics of the structure in question.

This product is supplied bagged and pre-mixed, requiring simply the addition of water before use.


Supplied in 25kg 3 ply kraft papers bags with a polythene inner coating.

Application: See How to Use: Render Mix