Lime Repair Mortar

Professional conservation work demands professional products that follow time honoured practice to achieve the perfect result.

Rowland’s Lime Repair Mortar will meet all the requirements of the most demanding conservationist whist offering the perfect colour match. Simply mix with the required amount of water to achieve the consistency you require and use as normal. It couldn’t be quicker or easier. You’ll find that this mortar is easy to work and forms an extremely effective bond.

Use of our custom matching process is vital to achieve perfection, especially when it is recognised that two buildings made of the same stone can still differ in colour and texture dependent on time, pollutants and weather.

This product is supplied bagged and pre-mixed, requiring simply the addition of water before use.

  • Contains no artificial resins, polymers or cement.
  • Typically contains stone dusts, aggregates of different sands, natural hydraulic lime and pigmentation all dependent on stone / colour being repaired.


Supplied in 25kg 3 ply kraft papers bags with a polythene inner coating.

Application: See How to Use: Stone Repair Mortar

How to Guide Video

Watch our how to guide video showing you how to repair your stone work.

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