Rowland Premix

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Pointing Mix

Ideally suited to the pointing of natural stone or pre-cast masonry blocks, the beauty of our pointing mix is that it guarantees both a consistency of colour across the complete work and a consistency of strength, achieving an overall uniformity.

Like all our products Pointing Mix is purchased bagged and pre-mixed, needing only water to be added. Not only does this save considerable site time, but it all completely eliminates any risk of contamination from being stored in the open or amongst other materials on site.


Supplied in 25kg 3 ply kraft papers bags with a polythene inner coating.


Good building practices should be employed when using this product. Particular attention should be paid to ensure adjoining stone surfaces are thoroughly dampened to allow curing of the cement to take full effect. In very dry/hot conditions it may be advantageous to cover the joints with damp hessian for 24 hours.